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Human Errors

Personal Mental health assessment is a brilliant non-medical application of our technology. It's applicable in Human Resources field as well as for personal needs.


​Welcome to Neuroface EEG analytical service for the best decisions at your workplace

We devised an analytical software solution based on a reference database and mathematical algorithms, thanks to which we provide quantitative indicators of changes in the mental health condition.

- Our method makes possible identification of current mental state so that to choose the best moment for important deeds.

- Our product helps managers stop their employees so that they avoid of accidents and crushes.

- Our analytical reports help top-managers to choose the most prolific time of their brain activity, saving time and money

Who are you?

- Competency and Career Guidance Companies
- Manufacturing companies with the risk of accidents and crashes
- Companies that massively hire workers for the season jobs
- Freight transport and taxi services that need regular monitoring of drivers
- Helping professions (medical, social and educational institutions) for periodic mass screening assessment of burnout
- Companies that care about the internal climate in the team, etc.

How to use it?

- Neuroface make possible checking personal readiness for a stressful situation and preventive diagnosis of post-traumatic disorders.

- It's a brilliant tool for “Pretrip checks” regular testing of all employees who have access to high-risk equipment, reagents, tools, before being sent on a mission.

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