Our company has paved the way of quantitative methods into the psychiatric analysis. Our team have collected the big sets of Norm and Diseases and adapted an LDA - linear Discriminant Analysis to this solution. Our formulae are able to recognize complex patterns in very large data sets of EEG oscillations to make a predictions, with 80-85 % accuracy. Because computing technologies examine and interpret thousands of variables, the recognising power of quantitative methods defeats the possibilities of a human expert and free of prejudice. At our private psychiatric medical center “Scientific center for personalized medicine” (Moscow) we use this method to analyze clinical data for treating mental disorders including Transgenders and Schizophrenics. We have adapted our software to diagnose mental illness using the EEG data converted into the EDF format. In actual practice, our software is able to recognise, with 85 to 97% accuracy, and differentiating subjects with schizophrenia, transgender and other diseases from healthy subsets have been collected for the last 16 years.  
Our software and database that we have developed could assist a psychiatrist to diagnose more accurately with solid confidence. Our quantitative decision-making support analytical service replaces the qualitative methods and trial and error process.  This would improve treatment efficacy, reduce patient's suffering and diagnostical mistakes. 

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